HoliDIY #2: Cat Ears Headband

Hello! I guess I just suck at updating on a regular basis. I have a legitimate excuse though! I was really sick for the past week. DIYing resumes now!

I’ve been seeing these pearl/rhinestone cat ears headband in stores since the beginning of fall – first at Urban Outfitters, then ASOS, then everywhere else! The September issue of Nylon also featured Lea Michele rocking a pair of the cat ears on its cover. I knew if I got a pair, I wouldn’t get much wear out of them. So I decided to make my own!
Everything you need can be found around your house or a dollar store. I found all the materials around my house.
What you will need:
1. Headband
2. Wire
3. Pearls/beads/rhinestones
4. Glue

First you want to cut a piece of wire approximately 20cm in length (longer if you want the cat ears to be bigger). Then shape the wire into a cat ear shape – bend the wire at roughly an 80-90 degree angle.
After you’ve bent the wire to the shape you like, add a bit of glue to the spot you want the first bead to be. I wanted the first bead to be at the tip of the cat ear, so that is where I dabbed the first bit of glue. IMG_3996
Then take a bead and string it through the wire to wear you dabbed the glue. The glue will help secure the bead, making sure it stays where you want it.
It should look something like this. Repeat the previous step with the next few beads. I added 4 beads on each side of the cat ear – totalling 8 beads on one ear.

This is what an ear looks like with more pearl beads.
Next, take the excess wire from each end of the ear and wrap the ends to the headband. You want to wrap it more than twice to make sure it is secure.

Tip: The wire is a lot more secure of you wrap it around the part of the headband with “teeth.”

Going to go off a slight tangent here. This is a super easy and quick DIY. It shouldn’t take more than an hour. But before I was on the right track, I had some difficulties attaching the pearl beads on the cat ears. At first, I shaped the wire into the cat ears, attached the ears to the headband, then attempted to glue the pearls onto the wire. I tried tacky glue and super glue – both failed to attach the pearl onto the wire securely. So for the best cat ear handband, you want to get wire that is thin enough so that it can go through the hole of the bead you are using. Unless you have an amazing super glue, simply glueing the bead to the wire will not work. 
Anyways, let’s return to the correct way of making the headband. After you have wrapped the ends of the wire around the headband, cut off any excess wire they may still be lingering from the wrapping step. Do the same to the other side, aka the other cat ear. And you should end up with something like this:
ears (1)
And voila. You are done! You have your brand new cat ears headband! I think I’m going to sport this for New Year’s with a little black dress : )IMG_4024

Meow meow meow.

IMG_4008(1)  IMG_4010 (1)

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